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Energy Impact is intent on informing, educating, and activating issue-based voters to focus on the American Energy Economy, while highlighting the American work ethic. The American Energy Economy is the ecosystem of communities and jobs impacting every facet of daily life. American Energy gives all industries a competitive advantage and serves as a multiplier to all. It is driven by a work ethic that enhances our way of life, leading to freedom, economic prosperity, and energy independence. By educating all voters on the importance of energy and how it impacts their pocketbooks, Energy Impact will galvanize a set of voters that prioritize the American Energy Economy.

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The American Energy Economy plays a role in every community – and it affects every last pocketbook.  From high prices at the gas pump to how our electricity is powered, the fabric of our overall economy is woven from parts of the industry.

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The American Energy industry supports millions of jobs, directly and indirectly, and ensures our national security. 
From LNG export permits pauses to the onerous bureaucracy of permitting, the American Energy Economy hangs in the balance. 

With the wrong regulatory practices, the American Energy Economy falls behind – and that hits every last one of us, right in the pocketbook.

Texas Electricity

Energy Impact – Texas activates consumers to stay involved in the legislative and regulatory environments related to the electricity industry. The effort is non-partisan, drawing from both sides of the aisle to build out an effective pocketbook coalition.

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Act now to ensure policymakers make effective changes that result in affordable and reliable power generation!
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